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Playboy Australia Gold Coast Photoshoot in LED lights

Playboy Clothing Australia E-commerce Shoot

Playboy Australia E-commerce Shoot

Excited to have Playboy Australia in the studio. We had just built a massive CYC photography wall and they were one of the first clients to use this new space. The fresh white wall was perfect for this project. Using two Apture c300 LED panels as the main light source to create different color looks.

The LED panels are super bright and cut out all the natural light in the studio, perfect for a day or night shoot. Behind the scenes of this fashion photoshoot.  Playboy Australia Gold Coast Photoshoot in LED lightstwo models for Playboy Australia on the floor pausing Playboy Australia NZ photographing tw models in a studio Gold Coast Behind the scenes of Playboy Australia creating contents at 11 Past11Studio freyeephotography photographing for Playboy Australia Playboy and freyeephotography at 11Past11studio using RED light freyeephotography at 11Past11Studio Photographing freyeephotography using LED red and blue for Playboy Australia freyeephotography with two models for Playboy Australia at 11Past1studio

For @playboyclothing_anz
Photographer @freyeephoto
Models @bethellenhurrell  @eshavantha & Okello from @viviensmodelmgmt
HMUA @mirandaemblem  
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