U10 5-7 Villiers Dr Currumbin Waters

keeko Tooth paste campaign shoot blue background

keekooralcare Content Creation

keekooralcare needed to update and refresh their website and Social Media content. They organised three models for the day and we mainly shot in front of the white cyc wall. This gave a consistent image so they could later add their branded colours to the images. Images were shot by our in-house photographer, using lighting from 11 Past 11.

Keeko tooth brush campaign photoshoot with pink backdrop keeko toothe brush campaign photoshoot with 2 models with blue backdrop Keeko Dream clean tube photoshoot with a mode smiling a model holding keeko tooth paste smiling Keeko Dream cleaner and tooth brush photoshoot 3 models smiling in front of blue backdrop at 11 past 11 studio 3 models smiling in from of pink backdrop for a photoshoot

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