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Gold Coast Creative Event @ 11Past11Studio

The O2 Awakening Gold Coast

Breath Work Workshop Gold Coast by o2Awakening

The O2 Awakening is coming to the Gold Coast of Australia to share a weekend experience of healing and transformation.

In this 4-hour workshop with international Breathwork teachers, Hellè Weston and Lukis Mac, you will learn how to enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and raise consciousness.

Each day of the workshop includes guidance to work with The O2 Awakening Breathwork technique, a direct experience of Breathwork (full 1-hour group journey) and tools to bring Breathwork into your daily life.


  • LEVEL 1: 10am-2pm on Saturday 28th March 2020 (*To attend level 1, you must purchase a full weekend pass. ‘Level 1 only’ tickets are now sold out*)
  • LEVEL 2: 10am-2pm on Sunday 29th March 2020 (Note: You must have previously attended a Level 1 workshop with us to join Level 2)


o2Awakening Members

March 28th & 29th


We're three homies on a big mission to empower people like you to play full-out in life! When each of us discovered Breathwork, we were totally blown away by the power of BREATH to create such massive shifts and unlock new possibilities in our lives. We've breathed our way through childhood fears, grief and anger. We've breathed our way through self-doubts, resistance and old destructive ways of thinking and being. We've breathed our way through past-lives to access ancient memories and journeyed way out into the cosmos to remember our true multidimensionality. Breathwork is a powerful tool for transformation that we ALL have access to if we learn how to use it. A huge part of you reaching your full potential is doing deep inner work to clear out the limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and energetic blockages that get in the way of you fully expressing yourself and experiencing wellbeing in mind, body and soul.

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